At New Path Centre we provide a variety of psychotherapeutic intervention based on the clients needs and challenges. Some of the therapies we offer are :

  • Individual psychotherapy

The clients who suffers from depression, anxiety and/or other mental health challenges will be seen individually. We utilize psychodynamic, cognitive, mindfulness and other methods such as solution focussed approach to help clients develop more effective ways of dealing with their emotional and challenges.

  • Child Therapy

We also work individually with children and youth who are suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD and ADHD. In our therapy session with applying play therapy methods we help children to grow more effective ways of expressing their feelings and get more control over their behaviors.

  • Counseling Parents

Parents are the crucial element of children and youth therapy. We offer sessions to parents using Attachment and science of Child development to help them increase their knowledge and skills about children and youth needs and challenges.

  • Couple therapy

We offer a safe environment for couples to look at their conflicts and issues and learn about the different ways they can communicate and approach their issues in order to solve them permanently or find ways to deal with them peacefully.

  • Group services

One of our most unique services are the groups we offer for children and teens. In Children group we focus on the 2 main areas: Emotional Regulation ( ER)and Executive Functioning ( EF). In these groups children learn to identify their emotions and feelings, express them and also understand and empathize with other people’s emotions and feelings. In group for teens we help teens to grasp a correct idea about their physical, sexual and psychological changes. We helped them to make sense of those feelings and understand the impact of that on their day to day interaction with their parents, friends and the world in general.